Stop Recruiting and Start Selling


Talented salespeople know great salesmanship when they see it.

Good news: It works on them just like everyone else.

When you’re recruiting the top sales people, they’ll want to know they’ll receive the compensation, autonomy, and growth potential with a great company to justify taking  your opportunity… instead of all the others.

This rings especially true now, when it’s so easy to find people on social networks and job boards. If you reach out to a talented candidate, you can rest assured you aren’t the only one!

5 Practical Tips to Sharpen Your Sales Skills

A lot of recruiters have mental hang ups here. They think “sales” and have nightmares of sleazy used car lots and high-pressure tactics. But great selling looks nothing like that – especially when you’re selling other salespeople.

Here are a few simple things you can do to help attract the best talent:

  • Hone your elevator pitch. What makes your brand, culture, and opportunity stand out? Distilling that down to a 20 second elevator pitch helps win over busy, distracted candidates. Your marketing department is a great place to go for help with this.
  • Try automated marketing. 80 percent of sales take an average of at least five follow ups to succeed. Digital tools, like CRM and email marketing software, help you follow up automatically. These are great when you’re already crunched for time.
  • Learn about sales funnels. Not everyone you talk to will be ready to join your company now. Sales funnels help you recognize just how hot their interest is – and how to tailor your approach to get them more interested before you close. Instead of scrambling to always find talent, you’ll build a pipeline that pays off for months and years to come.
  • Shadow your sales team. The sales team at your company can be a huge asset when it comes to recommending books, approaches, and techniques. Picking their brains at lunch could save you years of trying to figure it out on your own.
  • Take sales courses. You can probably sign up for a sales course or two from your company. At the very least read up on sales online. The best recruiters are great salespeople.

The Edge You Need to Land Top-Quality Talent

Selling is unfamiliar territory for some recruiters. But paying just a bit more attention to it, you’ll step out of the “recruiting box” and hit your stride to pulling in great talent and building up talent pipelines.

Which sales techniques have you learned and applied in your recruiting? How did they help? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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