Why It Pays to Be a Snob



Most people love to hate them. Something about being around people who look down their noses at you makes you want to reach up and flick them – hard.

But maybe we should reconsider…

Being snobby might not be something to strive for in our personal lives, but in our professional lives things are different. There’s actually a lot to learn from this wine glass-swirling, “I don’t watch movies, I watch films” mindset.

For all the bad things you can say about snobs, you can’t deny that they have high standards – and they refuse to compromise on them.

And if they happen to hurt a few people’s feelings along the way?

Well, that’s just the cost of doing business.

Too many businesses are trying to appeal to everyone. They’re so worried about offending someone that their appeal comes off flat. It’s boring. Safe. When they try to appeal to everyone, they end up appealing to no one.

That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you’re just looking to work with a select group of people.

You want to work with the most talented salespeople around? The cream of the crop? Great.

Being selective – even a bit snobby – about whom you’re willing to work with makes you more attractive to your ideal candidates.

Once you stop trying to make everyone happy, your messaging becomes a lot more targeted. Phrases that would make unmotivated candidates cringe, like “required quotas” and “pay for performance” act like magnets to attract the top talent – the exact people you want to work with.

Things that seem controversial to the general candidate pool act like filters to screen out less than ideal fits. When you do recruit leads, it’s easier to hire more of them because they’ve already shown they’re at least compatible with the kind of talent you’re after.

It’s time to stop shying away from expressing your standards and being very clear about who you’re trying to work with.

It’s time to stop worrying about hurting someone’s feelings… while still creating a great candidate experience throughout the talent acquisition process and strengthening your brand.

It’s time to be a snob.

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Jonathan Samuels

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