You Are Not Alone

you-are-not-aloneThere’s a good reason why you’re reading this blog post.

That headline has been a go-to choice in marketers’ toolboxes since before any of us were born. That won’t change any time soon either.

Go ahead, feel free to steal it for yourself. You might be surprised at the engagement it will get in your next headline, email, or phone call.

This appeal is like the “Swiss army knife” of persuasion and building meaningful relationships with job candidates. It works for practically every situation under the sun.


Because sometimes just knowing you aren’t the only one struggling with a problem is almost as important as solving the problem itself.

It comes down to how we’re wired. If we think we’re treading new ground – that we’re the only person to ever face a specific obstacle – it seems so much harder to overcome it.

Everything changes when we know we aren’t alone. People have been there before and got through. We feel hopeful that we can do the same.

Talented salespeople do this all the time. By reassuring prospects that there are others like them who found a solution, they get those prospects more receptive to hearing them out.

Recruiters can copy a page from their playbook. This reassurance is vital in the recruiting process. It’s also sorely lacking.

Think about just how isolating of an experience looking for a new job can be. We’ve all been there at one point. Sitting around, watching your phone and email inbox, and wondering if anyone will ever get back to you.

A little bit of empathy in your communication can go a long way when it comes to reeling in great talent.

If you’ve been in the recruiting game long enough, you’ve seen practically every situation possible and worked it out. You’re in the position to understand people’s circumstances while assuring them they aren’t alone. This should set the tone for a positive candidate experience as well.

Why not give it a try?

In a world where “community” is a thing of the past and hardly anyone knows their neighbors anymore, a little understanding goes a long way.

Jonathan Samuels

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