Passion – The Secret Ingredient To Hiring Success

Imagine two candidates.  One has strong skills and an experienced background for the position you are hiring for.  The other has a limited set of skills, but is passionate about your company, the industry, and the position.  Which would you choose?

I’d take the latter any day. In fact, I always include “must be passionate about…” at the beginning of my posted job descriptions.

Must have: a strong passion for the industry and job position

Nice to have: all other skills for the open position

By listing the requirement to be passionate first – as a “must have”, it is clear what I am looking for: passion. Passion is at the core of every hire.  It is the one characteristic every hire should have.  But why and how?

Why are passionate candidates so important

Passionate candidates are eager to learn and thrive at your company.  They bring life to their position – they are company cheerleaders, brand ambassadors, hard workers, eager to grow and develop further skills, team players, and are more likely to stay longer at your company.

But, how do you find these passionate candidates?  You need to sift through the candidates who are just looking for a job, and those who are looking for a job they’ll truly love – your job!  Here are some questions to ask:

Where else are you interviewing?  Is the candidate interviewing at other similar companies? If not, it could be a passion red flag.

Is it a similar industry? For similar positions? Or are they all over the board? If not similar, it could be a passion red flag.

If the candidate is interviewing for more targeted, similar job positions, and in similar industries, it proves they’ve done their research and they know what and where they want to be.

Tell me what you know about our company and industry?  Has the candidate done their research into your company? How much knowledge do they have about your industry? Do they come across as being passionate for you in the interview?

Why do you want to work here?

Let’s see how passionate they are answering this question. 

You’re looking for genuine interest in the candidate. Your company is where they want to be. Your company, your industry, your job is what they are passionate about.  They are here because they want to be. Short on skills? I’ll still hire that person.

Does the candidate show enthusiasm when talking about related experience or about your open position?

When I talk about my work passion – talent acquisition – my eyes open wide and you can’t get me to shut up!

Companies want passionate employees. More than that, they need passionate employees.  .

What kinds of questions do you ask your candidates to see how passionate they are? We’d love to hear.

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