10 Ways To Attract Great Talent When Your Office Is Out In The Burbs

suburbsIt’s one thing to attract top talent in a bustling city…

But what if your office is out in the burbs?

You can still attract awesome people, but you face a different set of challenges. You have to give people reasons to look past more convenient options and justify a longer commute.

But how?

It all starts with your employer brand. An awesome work environment, paired with an unforgettable company culture, can draw some of the best people away from the cities.

Here are a few ways you can grab this talent:

  • Focus on Millennials. A large (and growing) part of the workforce consists of people aged between 23 and 34. Millennials have different work priorities than previous generations. They aren’t just looking for a paycheck. They’re looking for professional development opportunities, encouragement, a cool office and a quality work environment. They want to enjoy their jobs. Have you researched what drives this key segment? How are you appealing to them?
  • Create a positive candidate experience. If you can treat everyone who applies or interviews for a position with respect, word will get out. Things like quick response times, personal phone calls and transparent communication seem simple, but they make a big impact on your brand.
  • Offer to pay a car/travel allowance for long commuters. This is a good way to attract people hesitant to make a long commute. You can also offer free parking if you don’t have it.
  • Offer telecommuting to incentivize more commuters to work with you. Adding some flexibility to one’s schedule is something that everyone can appreciate. There are plenty of tools out there today to make work from home almost seamless.
  • Use employees as brand ambassadors and advocates. When a potential candidate lands on your website, they want to know what it’s really like working for you – not just feel-good language written by your marketing team. Try shooting a few testimonial videos from current employees about their experience. It’s always great to get employees involved at job fairs and during the interview process too.
  • Work with marketing to create a cooler career page, and give your social media profiles a consistent message that speaks to candidates. It’s harder for would-be employees to come check out a distant office in person. That means making a great digital first impression is even more important.
  • Lease out temporary space at a co-op work space where most of your targeted talent lives and/or works. A few times a month, you can assign a representative to interview candidates there for positions at more distant locations. Go to them instead of forcing them to come to you.
  • Move fast. If a candidate is a good fit, hire them quickly. Streamline your hiring process to accommodate “one day hires.”
  • Offer higher salaries and/or referral fees to employees willing to recruit friends and former coworkers. Retention bonuses work too. Money talks.
  • Sponsor H1B candidates (if possible). This takes more paperwork up front, but people seeking work visas are generally more flexible about where they’ll work.

Drawing top talent away from cities is doable, but sometimes you have to get a little creative. Give some of the tips above a try. You’ll be bringing in people in no time!

Have you ever tried recruiting quality talent outside of cities? Which strategies worked best for you? We’d love to hear from you.

Jonathan Samuels

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