Millennials Need a Better Job Search Experience

job-searchMillennials are the most social media and tech savvy of all generations with some of the highest education. It makes sense why they have a different mindset as other workers in previous generations. Here are just some things expected of employers to keep Millennials happy and productive:

  • They expect to work for a company that cares about them and their surroundings.
  • They expect professional development and advancement
  • They expect feedback from their employers
  • They expect perks to have a quality work environment and a quality work life balance.
  • They want transparency
  • They might not stay very long if they don’t feel compatible with your company culture.

Why aren’t recruiters and employers creating better candidate experiences prior to them actually receiving the job? I see some effort but we can do better. Why haven’t jobsites changed how Millennials should be treated? Many are stuck in the dark ages and let’s face it – they are an extension of your brand.  A great candidate experience starts with their job search. The process to getting a job should be just as appealing of a journey to millennial recruits as a healthy work environment is.

Millennials are some of the brightest, tech and social media savvy of them all. Why shouldn’t they demand the above during their job search as well? There are plenty of things we can get better like combining company culture with job descriptions. Providing feedback after applying. Creating a visually appealing and easy to use site. Candidates don’t like jobsites that take them to other job sites. Keep them on one page. They don’t like the career page ATS and will avoid it if they can. Applying should be as simple as one click. Can a jobsite provide this? The Sales Club at does. We are always looking to create a better candidate and employer experience. This is our goal.

It’s time recruiters and jobsites take a page from how well employers have adjusted their cultures to provide the environments that help attract Millennials and let them thrive.

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Jonathan Samuels

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