Job Seekers Deserve A Better Experience!

Are you prepared for the next generation of job seekers?  Welcome to the most social media and tech-savvy, educated generation: the millennials.  Almost half of the workforce will be millennials by 2020.  This generation is shaking up the recruiting industry.

Millennials are demanding better work experiences – from initial candidate interviews to better employee experiences at work.  Nearly 80% of millennials look for people and culture fit with employers, followed by career potential.  If your company lacks a superb overall experience, well, you need to start making the change today.

Your competitors are already out there promoting a brand appealing to them, offering better employee experiences and great perks (think beer kegs in the office, flexible hours, even bringing your dog to work).  But, they may forget that a better candidate experience starts the moment the candidate starts their job search.

Here are some frustrations millennials are seeing in the job search process and ways you can improve the job searching experience:

There are too many steps and pages to go to when applying:

For a generation who demands great user experience on websites, it is frustrating when jobsites and job search engines will take the candidate off their page to different sites before actually ending up on the employer career page.

This experience should be as easy and fluid as possible for the candidate. Send them directly to the page they need to be on.  If it’s more than a click or two, they have already become frustrated.

The resume is sent directly into the employer career portal:

Millennials are the most tech-savvy generation.  They aren’t fooled when you send them to an employee career portal – they know their resumes are being scored by ATS algorithms that can disqualify them based on misplaced keywords, graphics or even resume layout. Sure sometimes the ATS is a necessary evil for large corporations with hundreds or thousands of applicants.

Instead, give them a more personal experience whenever possible.  They want to know that an actual human is reviewing their resume.

There is a lack of communication:

There is nothing worse than sending out your well-crafted resume and beautifully-written cover letter only to hear…nothing.

Whenever possible, send a personal email thanking the candidate for their application.  Let them know it is being reviewed.  Just a simple email will put the candidates mind at ease. If you can call – even better. This type of candidate experience in the job search will go a long way for your brand.

Don’t forget that jobsites and recruiters, both agency and corporate, are an extension of your brand.  They are the first extension to your brand.  The process of getting a job should already be appealing to the candidate by the time they get that first interview.

Millennials have proven that they deserve better candidate experiences.  In fact, they demand it.  It’s time that recruiters and jobsites adjust their candidate experience and culture that help attract top talent while boosting your brands.

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Jonathan Samuels

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