9 Secrets Recruiters Don’t Want You To Know

I bet you’ve worked with a recruiter in the past to help get a job, or you’ve been contacted by one. Perhaps a friend got a job through a recruiter.

We’re talking about agency recruiters. I highly recommend them. I used to be a recruiter for 20 years. But working with a recruiter to help find a job can be tricky and not for everyone.

Here are 9 secrets about recruiters they probably don’t want you to know:

  • Recruiters’ work for the company not you. So they don’t always have your best interests in mind.
  • Companies pay recruiters about 20% of your base salary so employers will expect you to be a perfect fit for their job or they will pass on you.
  • If you feel like they are trying to steer you into a particular job at a particular company they are. Recruiters only work with a few companies at a time and only get paid commission if they place you in that job.
  • If a recruiter doesn’t call you with feedback after presenting you to a company, they likely don’t have any, or you are out of contention, and they just don’t want to tell you.
  • If a recruiter gets you a job, you need to stay at that company for 90 days or they don’t get paid.
  • A recruiter will only work with you if they feel they can place you in their client’s job, otherwise they might not be interested in talking to you.
  • They don’t want you to call them. If they think they can place you in a job, they will call you.
  • Some recruiters use your resume to get new business while claiming to have a job that may not exist.
  • Recruiters are only as good as their last placement so they are always under pressure to get someone hired.

Recruiters provide a lot of value and have a permanent place in talent acquisition. Especially with the difficult-to-find positions they are almost a required resource for companies.

But they’re not for everyone.

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Jonathan Samuels

Hey I’m Jonathan. I created The Sales Club (www.getsalesclub.com) and love talent acquisition! I have 20 years of recruiting experience and innovation. I like to work out, watch silly TV shows and maybe have a slice of pizza to break up my healthy eating habits. I hope you enjoy my blog page. Please share them with your friends!

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