Top 12 Funny Signs It’s Time To Get A New Job

How about an article about work that’s a little bit on the fun side for the New Year!

You know it’s time to get a new job when…..

  • You took up smoking just for the cigarette breaks.
  • You’ve developed permanent “resting bitch face”.
  • Your doodling at work got so good you started a side career as an artist.
  • You keep mumbling the line from the movie Office Space and work “just hard enough to not get fired”.
  • Your boss forgot your name.
  • Your recruiter took out a restraining order on you from your incessant calling and emailing.
  • You pray for a snow day and its still summertime.
  • You became a Facebook power user from 9 – 5 but when you get home you ignore it.
  • You are planning your next vacation even though you just got back from one.
  • You actually used up your “unlimited” PTO days and ruined the company policy for others.
  • The clock at work goes backwards.
  • You eat lunch in the breakroom in the fetal position.

If you exhibit any one of the above symptoms get on a jobsite now. Call a recruiter now. Have a good stiff drink as you plan out your new career move that you will truly love.

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Jonathan Samuels

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