Boost Your Hiring Ability By Turning Candidates Into Brand Ambassadors

Twenty candidates for the job walk through your door and yet only one is hired for the position. You spent hours and days or perhaps weeks sourcing, screening, interviewing, and meeting with these candidates.  Some candidates may have bombed their interview while another may have turned down your offer.  A lot of time wasted on candidates that are not hired, right?


You have the wrong hiring perspective.  Every single person who applies to your company is a potential brand ambassador. Take an extra few minutes and turn them into one. These candidate brand ambassadors will help your recruiting and hiring in the future. You need to look at each person that way. They all have value.

What is a brand ambassador, you ask?  A brand ambassador is a person who promotes your company in a positive light thereby increasing brand awareness.  These word-of-mouth ambassadors will tell their friends positive things about your company making recruiting easier as you grow.

Former and current candidate brand ambassadors are an extension of your word-of-mouth marketing program.  In fact, 82% of Americans say they seek recommendations from friends and family when considering a purchase, let alone a new job.

Good news travels fast. Bad news travels faster so take care of all candidates that apply to your company.

The steps to becoming a candidate brand ambassador should start before a candidate even joins your company (if they do join). To do so, you need to adjust your hiring process.  Here are key steps to help you achieve this:

  • Source candidates from jobsites that are candidate and user-friendly. Jobsites should promote your brand and make for a positive candidate experience. This is where your brand visibility starts. Just take a look at how user-friendly the new The Sales Club jobsite is to candidates that apply to jobs and the way they promote your employer’s brand on each job description. Use other sites like this to post job openings as well.
  • Make your current social media pages exude a sense of your culture. Potential candidates are likely to visit social media as one of the first steps in the job process, so showcase your company culture before they even talk to a person.
  • Train your internal and external recruiters to be friendly to newly sourced candidates. Be helpful. Treat all candidates with respect as they will no doubt tell their friends. Even if they bombed the interview, it’s important to continue to showcase all the positive attributes of your company so candidates can spread the word of how awesome you guys are.
  • Respect their time as you would like yours to be respected. Schedule interviews (phone or in person) and be on time. Make sure they feel welcomed and that interviews are lined up in a timely manner.
  • Communicate with them. Call and email regularly so they know where you are in the process. Don’t let a week or two go by without hearing from you. Remember this is your next brand ambassador if done right!
  • Tour the office. Show off how awesome your office is, talk about all the office perks, and introduce them to your employees even if you know they won’t be hired (remember the way you treat them and all the positive things you tell and show them are what they will be telling their friends about you).
  •  Always email them to thank them for the time spent with you.

Positive candidate word-of-mouth comments will increase your ability to recruit in the future.  Perhaps they will refer their best rockstar candidate friends to your company.  Only good can come out of a great candidate experience in the sourcing and interview process. You can never have too many brand ambassadors!

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