These sobering stats will make any salesperson pick up the phone

More and more we are inundated with information.  Our attention spans are rapidly decreasing.  Goldfish have a better attention span than us humans these days. We all have social media accounts; in fact, social media users have risen by 176 million in the past year.   We all get hundreds of emails, many of which go to spam.  In this world of constant distraction and information, how can you expect your sales message to get through all the noise?

Here are some quick stats that I think you’ll find shocking:

– Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish: from 12 seconds in 2000 to around 8 seconds.  Meanwhile, goldfish have attention spans of 9 seconds

– Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created

– Users often leave web pages in 10-20 seconds

5.4 million new blog posts are generated each month

43% of email recipients’ mark emails as spam based only on the email address

43% of adults in the U.S. said that more than half of their emails are from marketers

57 Percent Email Recipients consider a message to be spam if it isn’t relevant to their needs, even when they know the vendor well

3.5 billion tweets posted to Twitter every day are spam

– The average adult receives 41 lbs. of junk mail a year

So what does this mean for salespeople? How are we expected to close deals when our messages are being lost in this data cluster?  We cannot rely on social media and email marketing.

Not all is lost.   Here are some stats to pick up your spirits:

– People check their phone more than 1500 times a week.

– The average salesperson only makes 2 attempts to reach a prospect. (That’s less competition for you to score that deal by making more attempts to get it done!)

– The best time to cold call is 4pm – 5pm. The second best time is 8am – 10am. The worst times are 11am and 2pm.

92% of all customer interactions happen on the phone

75% of surveyed executives are willing to make an appointment or attend an event based on a cold call than email alone

 Feel a bit better now?  The phone must be part of your sales strategy.  If you are meeting quota with social selling and emailing, just imagine blowing out your quota by using the phone too!

With our attention less than a goldfish and the amount of information swimming on the Internet, cold calling will become more crucial than ever as time goes on.  Managers will double down on their call accounting software to be sure their sales teams hit their daily call goals and salespeople must embrace their cold calls.

I once had 12 salespeople lined up in cubicles in a row. Each morning I would print out their call accounting reports and put them on their chair with their name and call stats highlighted. We looked at number of calls made, and number of total minutes on the phone each day.

To my surprise my salespeople came to embrace these reports like a badge of honor bragging to each other each morning who crushed who on the phones. It was music to my ears!

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