Most Job Boards Suck – Here’s Why

Today’s generation of employees expect more from their employers. The same goes for their job search and application process, which for the most part is dated and offers a poor job seeker experience. They don’t fit the current needs of what job seekers want today.

Here’s what today’s job seekers don’t want:

  • They don’t want to be taken to another website or career page after they click Apply.
  • They don’t want to be at the mercy of an algorithm that scores and ranks their resume based on keywords.
  • They don’t want a basic bare bones job description anymore. They want to know about the company, their culture, what it’s like to work there.

Here’s what they do want:

  • Easy one or two clicks to apply while staying on the same webpage.
  • They want their application to go into the hands of a human at the company.
  • They want to learn about the employer’s culture. They want pictures, video, perks and more. They want to peek inside the company door before applying.

Newly launched, The Sales Club ( delivers precisely that.

  • One click apply.
  • Your resume goes to the hands of the employer – no robots.
  • Each job description includes pictures, video, testimonials, perks and benefits and much more so you know enough about the company culture to see if it’s a fit.
  • Outstanding selection of sales jobs at hand picked companies and growing everyday.
  • No signing up, no recruiters, no games, confidential and free.

We’re based in Boston and provide job seekers with an awesome experience. Just click on our Sales Job tab for an incredible selection of job opportunities.

We show compensation (whenever possible).

Please come visit us and see what a great job seeker experience should look like.


Jonathan Samuels

Hey I’m Jonathan. I created The Sales Club ( and love talent acquisition! I have 20 years of recruiting experience and innovation. I like to work out, watch silly TV shows and maybe have a slice of pizza to break up my healthy eating habits. I hope you enjoy my blog page. Please share them with your friends!

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