Here’s What Candidates Really Want

The newest poll results are in and here’s what candidates want in a new employer.

What is most important to you at a new job?

       1) Money –                40.4%

       2) Challenge –          22.3%

       3) Advancement –  19.22%

       4) Location –            9.8%

       5) Security –             8.3%

The Sales Club (, polled their 200 respondents, primarily salespeople, and money was clearly the top driving factor in deciding on a new job by a 2-1 margin to challenge and advancement.

Everyone likes to be challenged at work, especially salespeople.

Do you have a career track for employee advancement? You should because top talent wants it.

Location was not a big factor for candidates. This is great news for the many awesome companies outside Boston. In fact, Boston has one of the longest commute times according to The Boston Globe, supporting this response.

Today’s generation of workers will job hop more and doesn’t see job security as a big issue.

There are always exceptions, but the bottom line from this poll is money talks.

Do you have any good suggestions for our next poll? We’d love to hear from you.

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