Job Seekers – Here’s How To Stand Out From The Pack

Stand out with a better personal brand on social media!

You see branding in action with slick company career sites featuring employee testimonials, videos, and much more. Do you need a better personal brand? Companies thrive by having a great brand. Take a page from what they are doing and create a better personal brand and stand out!

In today’s ultra-competitive job market, employers know that creating an attractive brand makes them stand out in the eyes of top-quality candidates.

This is how small startups compete for talent with the big boys. They offer a compelling brand and culture.

Today, it’s just as important for candidates to develop compelling brands of their own.

You already have a brand. Whether you realize it or not, employers and recruiters are looking at your resume, Linkedin profile, and general social footprint and assessing it to see if you’d be a good fit.

60% of employers use social media to check out candidates. 

If you want to improve your brand, how do you start?

You have social media platforms at your disposal. There are tons of ways to build your brand yourself starting with Linkedin. You can post intelligent content to show employers you’re staying on top of your industry. You can comment on others’ posts so people know what you’re talking about. Share great articles, Like them, respond to other’s. Each action shows on your profile let alone in your feed.

Things that seem small, like having more connections or active postings, shares and likes, make recruiters see you as a more desirable active and passionate candidate.

You can also do brand building on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Github, and many other sites. Focus on where recruiters hang out online, and make your presence known there.

Did you go to a work event or industry forum? Why not take a picture of yourself there and post it on Linkedin or Facebook with a clever or thoughtful caption?

Always be positive. Steer clear of religion, politics, and other controversial subjects unless you have an intelligent (neutral) point of view that others will respect. If you aren’t sure, don’t post.

Get out of the house. Go to more events. Meet people, shake hands, chat up your peers, and share interesting industry-related stories.

Connect with prospective  employers on their career page or on LinkedIn. Follow their company. Be seen. Be known. Be respected.

Branding isn’t just for big corporations anymore. It’s a two-way street. Build yours, and let the employers come to you!

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