They Came, They Searched, They Got Frustrated; The Jobseeker Experience

You go shopping downtown.  You walk by store after store, taking a look at each one.  But more often than not, you pass most and enter few.  What makes you pick the stores you go into? Was it the signage? Was it something in the window? Were you already familiar with the store and heard about the brand beforehand? Did a friend recommend it?

The job search is no different.  The brand and search experience are the most important factors to getting a candidate interested and applying to your company.

69% of job seekers would not take a job with a company that had a bad reputation even if they were unemployed.

A great job seeker experience starts from the moment a potential candidate sees your job opening.  This can be with outside recruiting agencies, referrals, or a lot of times, an unfriendly job board they apply with that takes the candidate on a wild goose chase before they get to the company site – to apply again.  These sites lead to a bad user experience. Don’t let job seekers get frustrated.

Why take the risk of losing candidates due to a bad jobsite?

It’s critical for company culture to be highlighted with each job description.  Pictures, videos, awards, and testimonials can showcase your work environment. A candidate wants to be able to ‘peek inside’ the company they are applying to.  Many company career pages have them, however, most jobsites and job apps only give basic job descriptions or forces them to go to another site or page too see a company’s culture.

Job seekers deserve better.

Take a look at The Sales Club ( and see how it’s done right. Job seekers apply on the same page without being rerouted to another site. They get a chance to see the company’s culture, also on the same page before applying.  Their resume goes directly into the hands of the recruiter. The way it should be.

Remember, the candidate experience doesn’t start on the new employee start date, or even at the first interview. It’s the moment the job seeker finds the company’s job, and their journey to get to the interview stage with the employer.  So make that journey as positive as it can be.

The job seeker experience from job boards to the interview process will certainly help a company’s brand if they are treated right.  Even if they don’t get the job or decide to take it, they are more likely to tell others about their experience and the brand. Having a great brand results in attracting better employees. This candidate experience starts with job boards/sites and job apps or recruiters. Be sure you pick one that promotes your great brand!

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