7 Reasons Why Salespeople Are Awesome!

Yup that’s right.

If you haven’t heard it before, salespeople might be the most awesome employees at a company. Not to say that other jobs are not as important, and that others are not awesome too, but I think a special shout out to salespeople is called for.


  • They drive the revenue that a company needs to survive and grow.
  • They’re on the phones every day, all day, sometimes getting rejected, but always bouncing back with a positive attitude, then do it all over again.
  • Everything you see, feel and touch was sold by a salesperson. Take a look around you now. Even the paint on that bare white wall was sold – the sheetrock too.
  • They track everything in a CRM to record all activity in addition to making sales calls. It’s not easy tracking everything and following up while at the same time prospecting for new business. It’s a juggling act.
  • Their earnings depend on their success. Always under pressure to hit quotas, and sales goals, much of a salesperson’s compensation is measured one way – from closing deals.
  • They’re a rare breed. Not all people are born to sell. The ones that are – are special people.
  • They bring life to an office. Salespeople typically are talkative, positive, and full of personality.

They’re awesome!

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