Are Company Perks For The Employee Or The Employer?

It’s no secret that employers are very brand focused trying to create healthy company cultures and offering all kinds of cool perks to employees. After all, the companies with the best brands and cultures have an easier time battling it out for talent these days.

But one must always remember that perks do not make a company culture. In general, a good company culture comes from great top down management and how employees of a company are treated.

Free lunches and Foosball does not make a healthy company culture. There is much more to it. But we are here to discuss company perks for employees (or are these perks for employers?).

You can read countless articles about which company has the coolest perks. Here are some of the cooler one’s out there:

  • Fully stocked kitchens
  • Onsite gym
  • Nap rooms
  • Game room
  • Free food
  • Bring your dog to work
  • Onsite childcare
  • Beer on tap

Does anyone else see the trend? Employers are creating a work environment full of perks to make employees stay longer and work harder. However, some employees may see these perks as a big benefit – and they are. To each their own.

Are company perks really for the employees? Really? Here’s how I see it:

  • Fully stocked kitchens = Get a soda or snack without leaving the office so you can work longer. If you leave the office to the local convenience store for a diet coke twice in a day that could be 30 – 60 minutes of downtime in the company’s eyes.
  • Onsite gym = Why rush home to work out when you can do it at onsite and work awhile longer? That adrenaline rush will help you crank out more cold calls for sure!
  • Nap rooms =Tired? Don’t go home. Just take a nap at the office so you can work later. No one’s judging you.
  • Game room = You don’t need to leave the office to have fun anymore. In fact, you have instant friends all around you now to play with. Your old friends have probably moved on anyways.
  • Free food = No more work downtime going out for lunch. Lunch is for wimps anyway according to Gordon Gekko of the famous movie Wall Street. I don’t remember the last time I took a formal lunch out of the office. Hey, I’m no wimp.
  • Bring your dog to work = No need to leave work early to walk your dog. Heck, my dates won’t hang out with me past midnight because they have to go home to walk their dog – or so they say. I should have the same “bring your dog on our date” perk so she stays longer.
  • Onsite childcare = No reason to rush to daycare and pick up your child. Stay a while. The baby is safe crawling under that desk anyway. What could go wrong?
  • Beer on tap= After a long day reward yourself with a beer without even having to leave the office. Bars and socializing outside the workplace is old school anyway.

These perks are genius for the employer, but it benefits both employees too. It might not dovetail with your hopes of a work life balance, but hey it’s not such a bad deal either. Imagine the lunch money you can save for your 401k.

Oh one more thing. Did that delicious pizza in this image in the article make you hungry? It did for me, but fortunately I’m only 10 feet away from my fully stocked kitchen so I have no downtime!

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