Here’s The Best Time To Recruit Salespeople (you’ll be surprised)

If you said at the end of the year thinking candidates want to start a fresh job with the New Year you are correct.

But that’s the obvious answer.

Data tells us that the end of the year is indeed the best time to recruit salespeople. About 1/3rd of salespeople make a job change at this time.

But what’s the best strategy for recruiting salespeople during the rest of the year? Where is this data?

Well there isn’t much really, but here’s what I figured out – and it worked like magic for me in my recruiter days.

Throughout the year I like to focus on newly hired employees. Those at a new job for 2-3 months.

Sounds crazy right? It’s not.

I’ve found that it’s not uncommon to find candidates who slip up and take a job, then experience “buyer’s remorse” realizing they took the wrong job shortly after starting. This small window of opportunity to recruit them is great because the candidate knows they can leave this new company off their resume due to the short job stint. No one wants a gap in their resume if they can help it.

One study claims as many as 50% of new hires experience regret. The reasons are many:

  • They jumped on the first job that came along to play it safe.
  • They received a better offer after accepting and starting their new job.
  • They realized the culture or job isn’t what they expected.

I’ve had a lot of success in the past targeting candidates 2 – 3 months into their new job. When the honeymoon period is over, reality hits and people second guess their decisions.

Targeting these candidates doesn’t make them job hoppers; in fact, it makes them smart, seizing the opportunity to advance their career when they realize they made an error.

In my previous life as an agency recruiter, my client companies would always ask me “why is the candidate leaving their company after only a few months?” They think it’s a red flag until I tell them “They’re not looking to leave. I’m recruiting them away”. The company then requests a time to interview them.

Consult with candidates that now is their chance to make a move out of feeling buyer’s remorse, and leave this job off their resume without showing any gaps.

This is their window of opportunity to right that mistake.

For salespeople this is especially a good time to recruit them away. Salespeople are usually judged in their first 3 months by their managers – carefully watching the new hire’s sales metrics to see if they will “make it”. This is when the honeymoon period is over and the pressure builds on the new sales rep to produce. Combine that pressure with regret and you have a candidate ripe for the pickings.

I had a field day working with these “buyer’s remorse” candidates.

You can too.

So don’t just pass up newly hired candidates thinking they are a lost cause to recruit. In fact, it should be seen as an opportunity. That’s why throughout the year (other than the end of the year), I would specifically target candidates that started new jobs just a few months earlier.

Linkedin is great for this because they send you a notification of your 1st connections that take new jobs. Put them in your database and set your reminder to call them 2-3 months later.

Try it. You might be pleasantly surprised at how receptive they are to new opportunities if they felt they made a mistake. Candidates know if they stay longer, their window of opportunity will close quickly, so this is the time to make a move.

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