Death, Disease, Divorce and Changing Jobs

“Changing jobs is the most feared experience next to the big 3 D’s”.

That’s what I was told the first day I began my recruiting career from my former staffing industry mentor years ago.

It made me a better recruiter.

Recruiters that understand what the job seeker journey is really like will tend to have more empathy and understanding to provide a better candidate experience that inevitably provides for better results for all parties.

A great candidate experience benefits both the candidate and the employer.

So why aren’t we doing it?

What I see now, many decades after recruiting was born, is the same poor, top-of-funnel experiences for the already anxious job seeker.

This experience doesn’t start with the first interview at a company like many think. It starts the moment a job seeker sees your job description on a job board, recruiter ad or your own career page.

Although companies today are providing better candidate experiences once they get in the door for an interview, they should also know the importance and frustration for the job seeker that begins the moment they see the job description. This applies to recruiting agencies and how they treat candidates on behalf of their client company, Job boards and how they present the job to the job seeker, and company career pages.

What do candidates want for a better top-of-funnel application experience? The following are some of the more important items:

  • A more informed job description that dives deeper into the aspects of the job and company expectations so they can make better career decisions before they apply.
  • A multi-media display on the same page as the job description that gives the job seeker a “peek inside” the company before applying. They shouldn’t have to switch URL pages to learn more.
  • No signing up, logging in, or other barriers to view jobs. Why should, and why would a passive candidate click, sign up, or log in just to view jobs? Make it easy for them.
  • Easy apply – no more long forms.
  • Communication of status after applying.
  • Easy mobile experience.

This is how to attract passive candidates.

The status quo is how to attract less qualified candidates.

Some of the benefits to the above are:

  • With more information candidates will be able to weed themselves out, or in to your job, so you don’t have to do it.
  • A better interview-to hire ratio, saving you time and money.
  • Better for company branding. Candidates will know more about you to tell their friends without even interviewing.
  • Better for retention. Candidates that know what they’re getting themselves into will likely stay longer.

Companies should re-consider where and how they post their jobs. Basic, minimal text job descriptions on basic job boards hoping someone – anyone applies should be a thing of the past. It’s an inefficient and dated process that hinders hiring for quality and retention and only promotes the anxiety that all job seekers feel.

Why should someone have to apply to a job in order to find out what’s really in it? That line should sound familiar!

Using professional, experienced recruiting agencies, and posting jobs to newer more informative job sites like The Sales Club ( is the way to go. They put the job seeker first.

The bottom line is that job seekers need more information to make better career decisions. It’s that simple.

If changing jobs is the next worse fear to Death, Disease and Divorce then it is our duty to make the job seeker journey a better one.

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