7 Engineers Describe the Most Rewarding Thing About Working for a Fast-growing Startup Company

If you are beginning your career as an engineer, or have been working as one for many years, chances are you know what you are looking for. However, have you ever thought about working for a startup company? We asked seven Boston-based engineers to give us insight into the most rewarding part of working at a fast-growing startup company.

Ownership and Perspective in the Process.


Shubham Sakhuja

Founder & CEO,  Aramse

Ownership and perspective in the process. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of a startup is being involved in the end-to-end process of identifying needs to delivering solutions, ensuring there is no communication loss introduced in the value stream, as there often is in larger enterprises. This allows me to put my full self into my work..

Everyone’s Ideas and Effort Really Matter

Rony Sebok

Rony Sebok

Co-Founder, VP Engineering, 1 Beyond

What’s great about working at a small, high-growth high tech company is that everyone’s ideas and effort really matters and can influence the direction and growth of the company. And personal growth is accelerated as you get exposed to all aspects of the business and can be promoted quickly.


You Will Never Work as Hard as You Do for a Startup

Jordan Krey

Director of Engineering, Buildium LLC

Decisions and changes are impactful. You see results, whether good or bad, quickly. At startups, you have the opportunity to create processes to enable growth without creating a process for “process sake.” You will never work as hard or with as much purpose as you do for a startup or small company.

You Get to Get Involved in So Many Meaningful Things

James Densmore

Founder and Consultant, Data Liftoff

Both in my current role as well as at previous startups I’ve worked for, the most rewarding thing is the oversized impact you can make. At a large company, it can feel like you’re barely making a dent, but at a startup, you get to get involved in so many meaningful things whether you’re ready for it or not!

Mix Them with Pure Determination and You Can Really Turn Some of Your Dreams into Reality

Nicholas Minicucci, 

Co-Founder & CEO/ Product Manager, Immensity

Working at a startup is a grind. Obstacles are inevitable, and the only way you are going to push through them is to maintain an intense level of focus and determination. When you are able to persevere and actually bring an idea to fruition, there is nothing quite like it. One thing I’ll add – some obstacles may not play out exactly how you envisioned. Some you may not overcome at all. That is okay. Fail fast and learn as much as you can in those situations. I love learning new things. This is another aspect of startup life I find rewarding. Our product is still in Beta. Collaborating with our users and learning from them has been particularly amazing. Keep all new learnings very close. Use them to inform your processes, and work smarter in the future. Mix them with pure determination and you can really turn some of your dreams into reality. That is the ultimate reward when working at a startup.

The Value of a Startup is Unmatched

Jacob Bogdanov

Jacob Bogdanov,

Engineer,  128 Technology

Working at a startup offers opportunity, which is a different kind of reward that can’t be obtained from a big corporate job. I have the opportunity to tackle hard and novel problems, which leads to new experience and learning. The value of this is unmatched.

You’re Going to be Front and Center in a lot of Daily Interactions

David Oelfke

Lead Software Engineer, Rocket Insights

Well… I can say if you’re looking for a paper-pusher job, where you can hide in your cubicle until the end of the day, you’re looking in the wrong place. You’re going to be front and center in a lot of daily interactions. You really need to figure out what’s important and when, and what sacrifices you can make. Everything is a trade-off and you will need confidence and a willingness to learn quickly. But I would absolutely refuse to take a shortcut when it comes to hiring the next “generation” of engineers. One bad hire means they hire more bad hires, and it spirals out of control, very quickly.


What is the most rewarding thing to you about being a part of a startup company? Do you have any questions about working for or at a startup company that you would like to see answers to?  Let us know in the comment section. Don’t forget to like and share this article to help others in their startup career!

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