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The W2 Doesn’t Lie

I’ve recruited salespeople since the start of my career.  But I’ll never forget one candidate I interviewed who proudly claimed to be #2 in his sales organization.  That is impressive.  I quickly responded, “Out of how many?” and after his face turned red and after a few “umms..” and “ahhs…” he sheepishly admitted, “Out of […]

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Retention Is the New Recruiting

Picture this. You have a killer team of recruiters. They’re scouring the web for top talent, battling it out with other companies for their attention. You’re spending tens of thousands of dollars paying recruiting agencies just to acquire one employee. All the while, you’re bleeding revenue with open seats on your sales team floor. Sound […]

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You Are Not Alone

There’s a good reason why you’re reading this blog post. That headline has been a go-to choice in marketers’ toolboxes since before any of us were born. That won’t change any time soon either. Go ahead, feel free to steal it for yourself. You might be surprised at the engagement it will get in your […]

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Why It Pays to Be a Snob

Snobs. Most people love to hate them. Something about being around people who look down their noses at you makes you want to reach up and flick them – hard. But maybe we should reconsider… Being snobby might not be something to strive for in our personal lives, but in our professional lives things are […]

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