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7 Reasons Why Salespeople Are Awesome!

Yup that’s right. If you haven’t heard it before, salespeople might be the most awesome employees at a company. Not to say that other jobs are not as important, and that others are not awesome too, but I think a special shout out to salespeople is called for. Why? They drive the revenue that a […]

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Recruiters, It’s Time To Put a Ring On It

We’ve all seen that romantic movie plot. The one where the guy wants the girl but by the time he makes up his mind, she’s already engaged to someone else. However, the guy rushes and interrupts the wedding, and how about that, she realizes she made a mistake.  They live happily ever after together!  While […]

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Most Job Boards Suck – Here’s Why

Today’s generation of employees expect more from their employers. The same goes for their job search and application process, which for the most part is dated and offers a poor job seeker experience. They don’t fit the current needs of what job seekers want today. Here’s what today’s job seekers don’t want: They don’t want […]

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