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Job Seekers Deserve A Better Experience!

Are you prepared for the next generation of job seekers?  Welcome to the most social media and tech-savvy, educated generation: the millennials.  Almost half of the workforce will be millennials by 2020.  This generation is shaking up the recruiting industry. Millennials are demanding better work experiences – from initial candidate interviews to better employee experiences […]

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A-B-I – Always Be Interviewing

  Sure, the title of this post is a play on Alec Baldwin’s “A-B-C – always be closing” line from Glengarry Glen Ross, one of the best sales movies of all time. But while salespeople should always heed Baldwin’s advice, the best recruiters have another mantra: “A-B-I – always be interviewing.” The best recruiters recognize […]

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Don’t Lose Candidates You Love

Recruiting talent to your company is like romantic matchmaking. The candidate wants a company they love, and the employer feels the same way. The longer the love affair lasts, the longer the employee is happy, productive, and retained. But don’t lose candidates by failing to sell them on the opportunity in the interview. How do […]

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Millennials Need a Better Job Search Experience

Millennials are the most social media and tech savvy of all generations with some of the highest education. It makes sense why they have a different mindset as other workers in previous generations. Here are just some things expected of employers to keep Millennials happy and productive: They expect to work for a company that […]

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