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You Are Not Alone

There’s a good reason why you’re reading this blog post. That headline has been a go-to choice in marketers’ toolboxes since before any of us were born. That won’t change any time soon either. Go ahead, feel free to steal it for yourself. You might be surprised at the engagement it will get in your […]

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Why It Pays to Be a Snob

Snobs. Most people love to hate them. Something about being around people who look down their noses at you makes you want to reach up and flick them – hard. But maybe we should reconsider… Being snobby might not be something to strive for in our personal lives, but in our professional lives things are […]

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How to lose a candidate in 10 days – or less

Your competitors are stealing your candidates from you.   They are out on social media, targeting and courting your potential candidates before you even have a shot.  They are moving faster than you, snatching up the experienced hires before you make them an offer. Your competitors are not better than you.  Your company has great benefits, […]

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Stop Recruiting and Start Selling

Talented salespeople know great salesmanship when they see it. Good news: It works on them just like everyone else. When you’re recruiting the top sales people, they’ll want to know they’ll receive the compensation, autonomy, and growth potential with a great company to justify taking  your opportunity… instead of all the others. This rings especially […]

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